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The market is the area where the bulk of the activity is. You get good quality Shoes, Slippers, Sandals and other leather goods at good bargains here.


You also get various flavors of Chikki (which is a softer version of peanut brittle), local honey, fudge's (Chocolate and fruit flavours etc.) ice gola's and various drinks. In the center of the market is a garden.

  The following is a list of some major places of interest -  
  Mount Berry
  Luisa Point
  Echo Point
  Panorama Point (Sunrise Point)
  Sightseeing points situated close by
  Porcupine Point (Sunset Point)
  One tree Hill
  Garbut Point
  Chowk Point
  Olympia Racecourse
  Monkey Point
  Hart point
  Rambaug Point
  Charlotte Lake
  Alexandria Point
  Malet Spring